Remove Android Storage from Gallery

As I don’t use any Andfroid functions on my Xperia X, how do I remove the Android Storage icon from the Gallery?

Could you post a screenshot?
I have no idea what you are refering to.
An icon of Android storage in the Gallery? There are only Photos/Videos/Screenshot…

Oh it’ s there, it probably appears if there are things under DCIM or Pictures for Tracker to pick up - not sure.

As @nephros says, it is there. Or rather it was there. I screwed up the phone and had to reflash it. As I didn’t want to use any Android apps - I also have an iPhone - I unticked that option and now there is no icon for Android storage. But I appear to have 2 contacts back again without restoring any backups (see my contributions to this thread (Purging contacts from preferences doesn’t work - #4 by toner_cloud). so perhaps @peterleinchen you didn’t choose to have Android apps either and hence why you didn’t see that icon.

Yes. Testing device without Android (free version).
But as @nephros pointed out it is really caused by the folder /home/nemo/android_storage.
After creating this directory gallery shows it.(but no details even pictures inside- again: no Android support).
After removing it gallery does not show it anymore.