Remote management suddenly activated

A pop-up just showed up on my Xperia 10 claiming that Remote Management has been activated on my phone and that I had to contact system administrator if i need to know more.

This is a personal phone and I’m also doing some dev with it.

I’m not part of any organisation.

What’s going on?

How to be sure about the status related to remote management?


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Can you make a screenshot, please.

It’s a one time message. I didn’t capture it. You know the type of message that appears when you install a new app. If I see it again I will.

I just want to be sure that remote management is not enabled.

Was this after installing of a specific app?
edit: if yes, Android or SF app? Can you see this pop up in the old notifications?

Yes. An app I’m developping. Sorry I just understood why I got it. I used an API to get a unique ID related to the device. This is likely using this API that pops up this display. I close the issue.