Remorse timer size

I am not sure this should be placed in bugs or design but here goes.
The size of the remorse timer varies depending on what you try to erase. And ranges from normal to fat to tiny (and borderline unusable) when for example you are deleting a photo in the gallery.

For consistency and usability there should only be one size.


I’m of a different opinion. Remorse timers replace an element until it disappears, and thus shall cover the whole element.
It is important that the design is distinguished enough such as both small-ish remorse timer pop-ups as well as large ones covering a whole image tile can still be identified as the same thing. I don’t see any problem in that aspect as well, but maybe there is room for improvement.


While the big ones are not that much of a problem (usability) the issue is mainly with the small ones. A gallery image is small and as a result the remorse timer is under a thumb width in size. Makes it hard/weird to use.

On the subject of making all all remorse timers look the same i believe that it will make it a more recognizable element. The user will associate it with the function.

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I think the issue here is more so the design of the Gallery application itself, it’s a gigantic monolithic grid of every picture on the device and on the SD card. Compare that to the Gallery applications on Android or iOS, where photos are sorted in folders, where (when sorting chronologically) each day has its own heading, etc.


The size of the remorse timer varies depending on what you try to erase.

I view this as a feature.

And also that the position to trigger immediate deletion is located sometimes on the right and sometimes on the bottom (whereas the timer goes always from right to left) is totally confusing!

tiny (and borderline unusable)

Agree Gallery case is quite small. It is smallest allowed grid remorse size, smaller ones like People favorite grid items and Media playlist grid items show remorse as separate banner below the deleted grid item. For list item remorses we have minimum size of Theme.itemSizeSmall, normally used for one-line items which is the smallest size considered finger usable. In Messages app IM items the space actually grows since the IM line is smaller than itemSizeSmall.