Remainding app on lock screen

Is there any note app which remainds on lock screen. In Android times I used colornote app. ( ). It’s working also on Sailfish but remainder is different. On Sailfish I had to push power button and then swipe to the right and then I can see Colornote remainder. On Android I can see remainder as soon I press power button, and it’s better for people like me who has bad memory. On picture is Android lock sceeen after pushing power button.

In the patch manager web catalogue is a patch named custom text on lockscreen available which allows you to put arbitrary text on the lock screen. It is intended for emergency contacts, but you can put anything into it.

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I managet install custom text on lockscreen but I don’t find it on apps. I’n so noob with Sailfish.

You must tap on the patch name in patch manager to set the configuration (text)

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Thanks @davidrasch. I searched patch manager on wrong place.

I am using a patch called “events on lockscreen” if you intend to display the informatiion to a certain date. Works pretty good :slight_smile:


Thanks @Firefox84. I have to check that. Date remainder I really need.

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