[Release notes] Verla 4.2.0

Let’s see… we released 4.0.1 in February, 4.1.0 in May, and 4.2.0 now. I think @pvuorela is better at math than @jovirkku :wink:


…and every release an improvement in useability and functionality.

So I want to say Thank you Jolla, and last but not least, SFOS is the most beautiful phone OS regarding smooth stress free operation!


Thanks for this release. Update went fine with no issues so far :slight_smile:

I imagine that many people here are coming from a engineering background and do know that something is only ready when its done and that hurrying only gets back at you.

If I understand this correctly, you are doing big changes in the background, which is probably more important than keeping a random schedule :slight_smile:


Really annoying is the freeze of some Android Apps like Osmand and Streetcomplete. Seems that the Android crushes an must be restarted. Happens every few minutes on XA2 :frowning:


You have a point vige. But actually, 4.0.1 was the last release of year 2020, just delayed to Feb 2021. :sweat_smile:


Happens on Xperia 10 II too. I’ve got to restart Android App Service quite frequently. Don’t know what’s causing it!


On my XA2 Android feels more stable. I use mainly fennec, threema, signal, tor browser.

Unfortunately my JBL TUNE750BTNC does not work with calls (X10II), only with music, and that’s a regression. So the Bluetooth vodec clean up didn’t help :frowning:

Actually, I’ll still have to test this with my XA2U, it could be due to armv7hl vs. aarch64 thing, too…

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A reflash seems to have fixed the issue (for now), so maybe you could give that a go?

I had this on XA2 after a previous update. You don’t by any change happen to be charging your phone on a non-Sony USB charger?

In my case it turned out that the swiping turned near impossible when (and only when) the non-Sony USB-charger was connected. And I was informed other people had had similar issue on some earlier update.

Non Sony USB charger should work without any problems .

Yes, it should, and yet, after one of the Sailfish 4 updates the swiping from side got wonky whenever my XA2 was connected to a USB charger that didn’t come with the phone.

I tested many chargers at that time. Some worked without issue (as did charging from a laptop through a USB cable), but some didn’t. It was weird but it was real.

There was a discussion on TJC about such effects when connected to power on a plane…

I agree. But it’s dangerous to assume that they output nice, smooth and stable DC voltage in my experience at least. Some many are cheap for a reason. They can even have a nice famous brand. :confused: Ten cents less in material cost times million is 100k more crap profit.


seems, the improvements are focused only for for the newest phone model

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So I have to correct myself: Non Sony charger works good if it’s good quality . Cheap chargers with unstable output voltage will cause malfunctions.

So can first party chargers, seen it myself… Always try a charger or three!

I use some chargers with 2,4 A current, from mobile shop. They have 2 USB Sockets, but I use only one per charger. Works fine !

I never charge my 5v USB peripherals(Sony, headset etc) with a AC charger. I use solar panel for that (connected to 12v Battery and which is connected to a 12v DC USB HUB).

The hub delivers around ~2A at 5v: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/HB-B7C3-Sabrent-USB-3-0-hub/dp/B0797NWDCB/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=USB+hub+sabrent&qid=1631980857&qsid=262-4843803-4548413&sr=8-4&sres=B00JX1ZS5O%2CB0797NWDCB%2CB013XGK53E%2CB00YFQ7M88%2CB00N38TQJC%2CB00L2442H0%2CB01AA6MC7M%2CB08V3PHKR8%2CB0843278SW%2CB08Y3GG82F%2CB07KLBX1NX%2CB0797QGK2X%2CB08RVC6F9Y%2CB078K79G5Q%2CB00EFE9OAE%2CB00ZSZ7VZ4&srpt=MULTIPORT_HUB

Sometimes I also use this: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/AZDelivery-LM2596S-Converter-Voltmeter-Display/dp/B08T1ZR6XG/ref=sr_1_27?dchild=1&keywords=buck+converter&qid=1631980557&sr=8-27 where I limit the 1.2Amp 5v. This also works fine if you know how they works.

Solar power is your friend. Why waste power on AC adapters :wink: