[Release notes] Verla 4.2.0

You should fix that error. A proper version of that file shouldn’t even have a line 8.

As a first fix I’d try disabling the repo using ssu dr. Second step, remove it with ssu rr. If it doesn’t help simply delete (with backup) this file. Do a pkcon refresh after each try.

For reference, here’s the content of that file on my device:


Quick feedback (XA2 plus)

  • Calendar:
    deleted calendar accounts (Web calendar) still appear in the list of calendars managed by jolla-calendar
    new calendar account (Web calendar) does not appear in the calendars manage by jolla-calendar
    My web calendar no longer synchronizes : lots of messages in journal : buteo-ooprunner[4200]: [W]

  • AlienDalvik: when Android support not launched, 1 message per second in journal : binder: 2965:2965 → 0:0 transaction failed 29189/0, size 32-0 line 2149

Thanks for the reply and help, I tried to go with terminal and do those things but I got lost in the linux commands… (I’m not that experienced with these things) so I never got to fiddle with that file at all.

Hm, I updated but canceled it on download process. Now I have the progress bar in the event page after the upgrade. How can I remove it from there?

Dear all,

Could you please tell me (again) what the procedure to have access to EA builds is ?

I checked the relevant box at account.jolla.com but I believe there’s one more extra (CLI) step, and my memory fails me at that very moment :slight_smile:

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There shouldn’t be any additional steps. you have to set it there and probably wait for some minutes. After that recheck for updates again and it should be offered to you as OTA update. (At least if you run it with a license i think.)

My web calendar no longer synchronizes : lots of messages in journal

I’ve noticed this also a bit before it went public as EA. I’ve proposed a fix (Cannot delete or add events under certain conditions by dcaliste · Pull Request #4 · sailfishos/mkcal · GitHub<) that has been accepted, but it was too late to go into 4.2.0 (see comments in the Github PR) : /
If you feel adventurous enough or you need these web calendars (like myself), after the EA period will be closed and chum will have a 4.2.0 target, I can propose a patched mKCal there.

About the issue of deleted web calendar account still visible in the calendar application, I didn’t try. I’ll have to check this. Thank you for the report and sorry for the inconvenience.


The CLI step you may be referring to, is where you put your device into release mode;

Be sure to ‘devel-su’ and enter your password, then you can type in;

ssu release 

version --dup

I did this last night, but the installed failed at around 56%. I used terminal to finish the install;

pkcon update

this did finish the installation and after a reboot, everything seems okay.

EDIT: I’ve assumed you’re updating the FREE Sailfish version, not sure why I thought this, but for clairty, you didn’t mention what you’re updating from and whether or not it is FREE or licensed SFOS.

Is it me, or with 4.2 update Advanced Camera is unable to acces to Xperia X (Compact) main camera. Selfie shooter works ok.
My steps to test,

  • make sure SD card is ulocked and mounted (SDCard is encrypted)
  • launch Advanced Camera
    Picture from cam blinks for a moment then goes black
  • switch to secondary cam (selfie)
    Got picture from cm, I can shoot photos
  • try to switch back to main cam - it fails in few seconds, goes back to secondary cam.

Can anyone confirm?

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on my XA2 plus, same problem.


this repository belongs to MLS Manager.
Something had changed. At the moment I don’t have 4.2.0 available yet to test what’s going on here.

Yes, same problem here (SFOS 4.2, Sony F5121)

Are there any way to use fingerprint in android for unlocking applications?

Same here with XA2 Ultra.

Thank you for this message and for the update.
The update went smooth, no problems. Yet, some weird things happened:
it said that the update was 760 mb. My device is XA2+. I also got a long, long alphabetical list of features/files that I had to remove before downloading and installing. Never had that before. I didn’t and the update was completed.After that I saw in storage that nothing had changed in system storage. Still about 850 storage left, like before the update.


@jovirkku a really nice update and improvement of the OS, but two things that i realize. The restarting after shutting down tge phone still hasn’t been fixed and at first try, i got an error, that that the update could not be installed. Then i restarted, had to download the update again, which then was 1 MB big. But then the installation went fine :slight_smile:

Indeed just noticed that it isn’t possible to install an app with Storeman. I did not remove that long list before the update. Never seen such a weird update before.

Sorry I completely forgot to mention it: I’m using the licensed version of SFOS :slight_smile:

Looks like you’re correct :slight_smile: I don’t know why I thought there were some additional steps, sorry about that. SFOS 4.2 is indeed available to me now as an update. On a side note, in the “Developer tools” menu, there is an option to “Enable developers updates”, which is unchecked at the moment. When I switch that option on, I’m presented with another menu, asking for my username, my password, and an SSU domain. Problem is, I have absolutely no idea what an SSU domain is :smiley:

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Good, that it works! You don’t need that. I think that is for Jolla internal development releases only or some closed Beta tests or something like that.

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