[Release notes] Verla 4.2.0

Exactly! The update itself is great, but it’s the incredibly long release cycle that almost kills it for me. I mean… the last update before this was in early June, right? And we’re in September! If at least bugs were fixed along the way as smaller releases, that would be great, but you’re stuck with a phone that requires work on a daily basis (as you say, making sure it doesn’t run out of memory, turning Android off and on again to make sure that connectivity and crashing issues are fixed, rebooting frequently so as to avoid it crashing often…) for long amounts of time. It’d be great if they could release fixes more often! (in the end, there are a bunch of numbers at 4.2.xx, so maybe Jolla should consider using them!)


Yes. but the memory management seems a bit aggressive in killing background tasks. I had this kill for example shmoose while it was the only running app, aside from the started android support (with the f-droid nextcloud client running [~60 MB RAM]). Normally top shows between 1,2 and 1,5 GB RAM used for buffer/cache. It’s not happening all the time but I had 3-5 apps closed since 4.2.0 was released and when it happened I never had many apps open or did something where I suspect much memory being used, like an browser with some tabs open for example. It always killed apps while there were only 1-2 small apps (<200MB Memory usage) open. So it seems that a normal idling device with android active can be enough that under certain conditions it fills the memory to the point that it needs to kill background tasks.


Same Android-internet issue here:

Phone call leads to drop the mobile internet connection for firefox (android app). I need to turn off and on wifi and mobile data to regain internet access.

Might be an issue with vpn connection (I use too).

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Several times, even with restarts in between, I have experienced no sound when making calls. No headset used, just silence in both ends. This has happened with different contacts (different networks), with an Xperia 10.

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I added a calendar:
It went OK but when updating the calendar the appointments will be there 2-times. If i did an updated again I will have it 3-times - and so on.

When deleting the calendar the appointments will still be there.

To delete the calendar/appointments I did the following in the terminal:
devel-su (become root)
pkcon install sqlite (install sqlite)
sqlite3 .local/share/system/privileged/Calendar/mkcal/db (Open the database)
select * from Calendars; (List the Calendar Tables)
DELETE FROM Components WHERE Notebook="{calendarID}"; (delete)
DELETE FROM Calendars Where CalendarId="{calendarID}"; (delete)

After a few days of working with this release, I have to admit it feel pretty buggy. There’s some weird gliltch where the keyboard becomes stuck in numeric mode. Then it’ll simply show that keyboard instead of the normal one everywhere.

So far the only way to get the keyboard working normally again is to restart the phone. At some point during restarting it, android support stopped working. Now it refuses to start. At least my keyboard works again (for now).

Before it completely stopped working, there were many issues with android and connectivity when on wifi. It worked OK on 4g, but when you connected to wifi it would stop working until you restarted android support. This was on both an XA2 and a 10.

I haven’t found a way to get it working again. Uninstalled android support, but am unable to install it again, all I get is “problem with store”


This is a regression indeed, that was introduced when rewriting the plugin gestion in Buteo. As far as I can tell, the regression is affecting every account where the cleanup function is not called on account deletion. Here is a PR proposing a fix for it :

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I’ve noticed the text prediction on the French keyboard is mostly broken, at least on the Xperia 10 II. Other keyboards (English, Dutch) work fine, but the prediction on the French keyboard mostly shows useless predictions (like short acronyms when you’ve typed a long word) even when you’re spelling the words correctly. A reboot didn’t help.


Works fine in French on my XA2 plus.

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Is it possible sort of “reinstall” 4.2.0 without flashing the phone? Maybe that will fix some problems, in case something went wrong during update.

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I can only confirm that on X10ii the French prediction is working very badly, while the English seems ok (except for the bug about the frozen prediction text which affects all languages).

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Check out sfos-upgrade on openrepos, I think there was something related there: sfos-upgrade | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System

If the configs in home folder are borked, it can’t help, though.

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Thank you for confirming, I’ll make a bug report about it. Edit: see below

Thanks for confirmation, that’s what I thought too.

I’ve got the feeling - but can’t prove - that it happens since 4.2.0 more often than before (on my XA2).
I mostly have max. 4 apps running at the same time so it very rarely happened that an app was closed automatically. Now it seems to happen more often. But yeah, I don’t have real proof.

I don’t see a serial number on the About page on my Xperia 10 ii

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Neither in my Xperia 10. There’s manufacturer, device, imei, os- & drivers-versions, mac- & bluetooth-addresses, and encryption. But in Xperia X serial number is shown.

Android frames displayed in wrong order looks like to be fixed in 4.2.0. Anyone else confirming?

Vivaldi freezing is also fixed! Wohoo!

After a few days of use in 10 II (Dual SIM) I would say that 4.1 was operating more smoothly. Battery life is significantly reduced, loosing 40% overnight and phone barely lasts 24hrs (before it would easily survive 2 days). The text prediction as other mentioned takes for ever and freezes the phone once you select a word from the proposed ones. When on WiFi most of the Android apps think that there’s no internet connection. When walking outside the house, the phone keeps looking for the WiFi instead of switching to mobile data.

After flashing I had to do several reboots to get things working and at least once the phone was stuck with green LED on and no way to light up the screen. Exchange didn’t sync until after serveral reboots.

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Hey guys,
I just confim the following aspects for Sony XA2:

→ Not for Sony XA2: Smoother experience with 4.2 and no battery drain as decribed above.

→ Yes, this problems occurs with my XA2 too.

→ Yes, so annoying! Also in my XA2!

→ No, installation went perfect. Only problem: download status bar got stuck after ~10%. The progress carried on in the background.

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