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Storeman disappeared and Packges list in Chum gui disappeared after updating.

For now, you’ll have to set the chum repository to SailfishOS, in settings.

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Typo? I guess it should be

Of course, thank you!

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The Update [] tells me to manually de-install duzens or hundreds (!) of packages:
archivemount, audiosystem-… (2x), audit-libs, busybox, busybox-… (14x), cryptsetup-libs, curl, … , [MANY OTHER PACKAGES], … , volume_key-libs, wpa_supplicant, xdg-dbus-proxy. xkeyboard-config, zlib !
Is there no easier way to clean the system than to manually delete all these old packages?

p.s.: see also my problems with the update []

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Ignore, proceed.
You’re not the first with that ‘problem’.


How to proceed? There is no option to ignore!
But I found this:

Is this the official command-line-guide for forced upgrades?

I don’t remember but there is some button to say OK, or confirm, and it’s the only thing the user can do.

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There are two more option:
First to use embedded update option:

  1. open terminal
  2. run devel-su ssu re
  3. run devel-su zypper ref
  4. run devel-su zypper dup

Second: use sfos-upgrade from openrepos


No, these are not two more options:

  1. sfos-upgrade ultimately does exactly the same as Jolla’s guidance for updating at the command line, but semi-automated and with a lot of safety-checks prepended: RTFM!
  2. The “zypper dance” you documented correctly is recommended for community ports of SailfishOS (by their maintainers, not by Jolla) and requires to install zypper (via devel-su pkcon install zypper). I would expect it to work, too, but Jolla has never mentioned it for the devices they support. Side note: Another way was via pkcon upgrade-system but Jolla deleted any reference to this upgrade path with the release of SailfishOS 2.2.1.
  3. Jolla always stated: Only upgrade SaifishOS at the command line, if the GUI updater fails. For 4.5.0 more explicitly than before: RTFM.

Unfortunately Jolla / sailors do very rarely mention why they suggest things, so nobody outside of Jolla knows, if they just think that the GUI updater is safer for the average user or if technical reasons for this recommendation etc. exist.


On my XA2 Bluetooth can’t be turned on. Only using sfos utilities helps to start the bt service,
though I had to try several times until
it worked. Anyone experienced issues with
bt as well?

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From technical point you are very correct but average user doesn’t recognize such nuance. Remark taken and I should use ‘ways’ instead of ‘options’.
Is not a pkcon upgrade-system the same as zypper and sfos-upgrade? That means direct packages update?

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After upgrade from 4.4 not work application
ISODrive and Storeman on Sony Xperia 10 mark 2.
For ISODrive output:

[D] unknown:0 - Using Wayland-EGL
library "libGLESv2_adreno.so" not found
library "eglSubDriverAndroid.so" not found
[W] unknown:8 - file:///usr/share/ISODrive/qml/ISODrive.qml:8:30: Type MainPage unavailable 
         initialPage: Component { MainPage { } } 
[W] unknown:3 - file:///usr/share/ISODrive/qml/pages/MainPage.qml:3:1: module "QtSparql" is not installed 
     import QtSparql 1.0 

The problem may be this: [libqtsparql] Disable the qml api for now. JB#57277 · sailfishos/libqtsparql@f543a9d · GitHub

I always thouht installation of a new version is done in 2 steps when using the gui.

  1. Trigger download the update.
  2. Trigger installation the update.

After download the phone blames lots of conflicts, which I can ignore what I have read before. Also I need uninstall some apps because system partion has not enough space. From this point all shit begins. I’m not able to remove application, the uninstall processes do not finish.

“OK”, I thought, “lets do a reboot. The state of the phone should be safe because I had not begun the update.”

And now I recognized that there had been changes made already . I see a virtual keyboard for the decryption of the phone - that’s new. Decryption does not work anymore (wrong entries are denied, corect one infinity loop…)

Can you tell me why during downloading the update changes to the phone are made? I expected a download not even “a partly update”. Has someone solutions?

My device:
XA 2+

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You can go into recovery mode and enter the shell. From there, it would be really helpful to paste the output of rootfs/var/log/systemupdate.log

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I am not able to start the rescue mode. After pressing Volume up and inserting the USB cable the device starts blinking red and blue very slowly. Fastboot is not able to send the image. Saying only “Sending ‘boot.img’”. Any ideas?

If you are on linux, try another non USB3 port (even if it should work). You could try to log the output from journalctl while pluggin in the usb cable if you are on linux. But else, I have no ideas.

After last update .18 struven, the bluetooth on my XA2 ultra stopped working.
Any idea how to fix ?