[Release notes] Sauna

Nitpicking note

While adding || : or || true to every shell statement outside of if, elif, while and other conditional statements prevents a shell invoked with the option -e to stop executing a shell-script when a statement has an exit status not equal to 0, the scriptlets (i.e. %pre*, %post*, %trigger* and %file*) scripts in an RPM spec-file are not executed in a shell invoked with the option -e (in contrast to the scripts in the “body” of an RPM spec-file, i.e. %prep, %build and %install).

The only condition the scriptlets must fulfil in order to not accidentally abort an RPM file’s installation, update or removal, is to exit with a status of 0. Consequently concluding RPM spec-file scriptlets with an exit 0 statement (or any other statement which is guaranteed to return 0) is fully sufficient.

Source: RPM documentation


Hi All,
On my 10 III with, The software update checker isn’t finding anything about 4.6.

At the moment, I gather that you have to reflash the device to put the new version on, which I’m not sure I feel like doing anytime soon.

Will there be a release of 4.6 that delivers over-the-air to a 4.5 device?

4.6 is currently released only for Early access.