[release notes] Pallas-Yllästunturi 3.4.0

As usual, if you decide to not upgrade immediately, be careful. Do this:

Check : ssu s
ssu will probably return (wrongly) “”. Then do this:
devel-su => ssu re

The email app also lost good ambiance support, especially for plaintext emails that are now displayed with an ugly white background, rather than the usual translucent background of the ambiance, resulting in a bad integration rendering.

I really hope the dev team listens to the user feedback here and rollbacks the changes on the email app at least.


i dont get return wrongly

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Depends on your upgrade checking preferences (manually, always, WLAN only)

Could it be possible to make a document saying which things we have to do in the terminal after installing/upgrading to 3.4 ?
It will be a great help

@Michael : I think you got reasons to be ‘on the last straw’ but also I think it would help if you read this post.

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See https://together.jolla.com/question/206725/bug-usrlibexecsailfish-osupdateservice-osupdate-check-sets-ssu-re/ for details and a proper workaround.

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I’m not aware if this was reported before, but after the 3.4.0 upgrade on my Jolla 1 (which otherwise went through flawlessly), all of my custom ringtone/alarm sound settings were set back to default - re-setting them was fairly easy, but them being persistent throughout upgrading may be a better scenario.


With okboard and.others.not working … not sure if release to all is ok.

rest works for me.fine since days …

We recommend that OS updates are always done using the phone UI, that is, at “Settings > Sailfish OS updates”. The pulley menu has “Search updates”, then “Download” and “Install”. In this way, the update is handled by the store-client which knows how to do it and what to avoid (if anything). The terminal is not needed here at all.

Updating at the command line should be the last resort. It should be used only if the UI-triggered update fails to work (which means that something in the phone is already not like it should be). If you have updated the OS using the command line, then the last thing to do is to reboot.

I was thinking after the installation, to tweak some things with battery life, UI, or whatever patch tweak can be installed from the terminal

Thanks for the update. Great work and happy to see updates still are coming. The only thing I don’t like is the change in phone behaviour for answering a call. Would be nice to have that configurable. All in all keep it coming. :slight_smile:

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Hello jovirkku!

Compass does not work on Sony Xperia 10 Plus. Have you forgotten about it?
Is it worth waiting for a solution to this problem?

Compass?, this is a 3rd party app, yes?, the one found in Jolla Store by Ipotter?

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Logging in via ssh it tries to grep something (probably from motd), but I can’t find where it is.

Last login: Wed Oct 14 11:15:33 2020 from
/usr/bin/grep: unrecognized option '--quiet'
BusyBox v1.31.0 (2020-08-05 16:57:26 UTC) multi-call binary.

PS I don’t get it, why on the phone with 64gb we replace original gnu full apps with cut-down busybox. We’re not on a 32mb-memory router for christ sake! SFOS was supposed to be a full desktop-like Linux on the phone. Now we have busybox like on a openwrt router.

PPS I think it’s a bug. Running grep always fails with an error about unrecognized --quiet option.


OrienteeringCompass (https://openrepos.net/content/ade/orienteeringcompass-scaling-added), GPSInfo (https://openrepos.net/content/direc85/gpsinfo) etc…

I am the same opinion. How about a setting where you can choose between the old pick up design and the new one. Or even better a customizable way to pick up the phone, so everybody would be happy, the business customers and the community :slight_smile:


But why are you reporting it here?, you should contact the author directly on Openrepos, I would imagine that apps need updating to fall inline with new changes in SailfishOS.


I have opened an item with that request: https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/answering-call-top-bottom-original-behavior-should-be-an-option-under-settings/