[release notes] Kvarken 4.1.0

I dug a bit deeper… I did ldd /usr/share/harbour-ytplayer | grep libicu and got this (save a typo or two):

libicui18n.so.68 => /usr/lib/libicui18n.so.68 (0xf54fb000)
libicuuc.so.68 => /usr/lib/libicuuc.so.68 (0xf53ad000)
libicudata.so.68 => /usr/lib/libicudata.so.68 (0xf34e9000)

Are you sure you are running the Openrepos version? (It seems to have outdated harbour-ytplayer, though… Gotta update it soon.) Anyway, let’s continue this discussion over at Openrepos, so this thread stays better in topic :slight_smile:

Not sure if Jolla Maps was ever available to other devices than JollaPhone. I think if you still have your JollaPhone around, you could maybe get the app from there and install it on your other phone(s), but I’m not sure how Xperia 10II reacts to 32bit programs?

Sorry for the noise, seems like I jumped to the old Jolla store version for some reason. I could install 0.6.17 without issue.

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Same counts for harbour-defender.
As mentioned here

and maybe follow up here

Or even here

Self tested now again with this release on a X and it boots up just fine.

So would you please think about removing this warning as well, please?
Or maybe link to those informations and put a warning that version >=0.4.1 is needed? (or is that not already blocked within some patterns-sailfish package?)

and to avoid confusion, just seen after finishing this post here


Well, you can increase the root volume size quite easily; when using this guide not on a freshly flashed device, check explicitly that there is enough free space for shrinking the “home” LVM volume.

But I never understood why Jolla has not increased the default rootfs size long ago, it is a trivial change and already in their git (but IIRC unmerged) for long.


Looks like the issue with sd cards fixed by this update also. Thanks!

I think it cannot run 32 bit apps.

I didn’t know Jolla Maps was only on the Jolla 1. That’s a bit of a pity as I could not find any native maps application from the store. Jolla Maps was (very) far from perfect, but it did its job better than nothing.

you can find them in open repos


[BUG] Not able to install/upgrade android apps via Aurora store.

I was wrong. It works, but requires reinstall.


For me it worked out of a box, but now no new window is opened after downloading.

It opens a window rather than a new screen. Which has been the standard Android behaviour for years BTW, IIRC.

I’d prefer to stick with official sources (Jolla Store) for apps. To reflect the experience any regular user would get and to keep things stable. Hopefully those are brought to the Jolla Store at some point.

It requires the app creator to add the app to Jolla Store - which is of little interest to them, sadly…

OSM Scout is available in Store, up to date and compiled for aarch64.


I think the last API needed for it to be included was in SFOS in the last review. No idea what the dev will do though.

XA2: thanks for official Location configuration recommendation.

Having Pure Maps open, my Location tray icon keeps flashing, like it can’t get a lock, even though position is already correctly shown on map. Anything I can do to help it here?

First and foremost it requires QtLocation to be allowed, that’s the main reason why there are almost no map-based apps in the store : we don’t want to reinvent the wheel just to bypass this (unbelievable) restriction.


Doesn’t show up for me.
Either it still uses this, or updated translations didn’t make it somehow.

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I updated earlier today, and had a few problems:

  • I was able to receive a call after update, then the phone (Xperia 10) lost connection with mobile network, and I had to reboot it to get it to work again
  • shortly after finishing another call, the phone rebooted on it’s own, no idea why

I’m hoping that my problem with notifications not working has been fixed.