[release notes] Kvarken 4.1.0

I wanted to set DuckDuckGo as the default search engine in the Browser, but found no obvious way. The one way that did work is this: Add more search engines to the web browser [closed] - together.jolla.com. It’s very easy, but it requires the terminal and devel-su.

In the browser - press the menu button in the bottom right corner - press Settings - search with (rough translation), and DuckDuckGo is like number 6 on the list.


That’s what I did, but DuckDuckGo wasn’t there. I had to copy the XML file in the required folder before it showed up as an option.

However, before I did anything, there was a new option: “SFOS Forum Search”, which said “Tap to install”. But apart from that, only the old search engines were there (Google, Bing, Yandex etc).

At least for me, the option appeared in the list only after I visited duckduckgo.com the first time, so I suppose that’s how the system works (although at least I haven’t encountered this documented anywhere).


This was it, indeed. I removed the manually copied XML file, DuckDuckGo disappeared, and after that I visited their home page. This made it appear in the Settings with “Tap to install”.

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Please take this (bug) into account.

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Wow. That’s simultaneously a cool feature (when not private browsing) and annoying bug (when you don’t want history . . . uh, historified)!

also having this issue. android gallery just seems to crash apps. tried solution proposed elsewhere with no luck

A couple of issues I have (XA2):

  1. Android rotation is still ‘sticky’. Many Android games rightly set the screen to horizontal but Alien Dalvik cannot revert it. Only shutting down and restarting Alien helps.
  2. The special WiFi portal popup almost never allows me to click the ubiquitous ‘Connect’ button. Same issue 4.0.1
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Known bug. This is because Alien Dalvik starts too early. Shut it down and restart it, or start it manually rather than automatically, and the bug goes away (until next reboot).

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Just a short note to say my power consumption is back to normal after an app update, so not likely an OS problem. Xperia X high battery consumption in Kvarken

Chinese layout is missing from the list of languages on Xperia 10II. It’s a big deal for some of us. Any plans to get it back?

All right, I’ve installed maliit-plugin-presage and the US and SV spell and keyboard packages via Storeman 0.2.8 on my Xperia 10 II running SFOS (Kvarken). Then what, they do not seem to be available as a keyboard choice in the settings, nor can I find them anywhere else?

They should be there, look for (Presage) in Keyboard name

That was quick, and yes, there they were. Sigh, I need new glasses.

Hey all, I got an Xperia 10 ii a few days ago, after coming from 7 years of Jolla1, this is a real step up!

I note that the OS version of my device is (Kvarken) and read recently that update 4.2 is on the way.

Will I be able to update to 4.2 via the GUI or will I have to physically flash it?, I am using the FREE SailfishOS version.

You will not be notified and cannot update via the GUI.
But as soon as it is out you may update via CLI.


You’re a poet and you didn’t know it!

Thanks for info :slight_smile:

I will be “that” person and ask; are there any information about the 4.2.x release schedule, it has been brewing for a while now :slight_smile:


“soon” ® - just kidding, but as always, it will come when it’s ready :slight_smile: