Reflash Xperia XA2 to Android (Lineage)

Since I have a new Xperia 10 III now, my good old XA2 will go back to Android (here: Lineage) soon.

I could only find these instructions:

which require a Windows PC and Emma. But I actually want to install Lineage on my device.
Is there anything I should keep in mind flashing my device or will:

minus unlocking the bootloader cover my needs?

Hey there , saw ur post and i did the same ,using the wiki lineage for my xa2 ultra , i got it running with android 12 and lineage 19.1 now, had to do this exactly according to the wiki , i had sfos in a bootloop and emma not recognized my phone.
Goodluck, or maybe u already done it.?

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Thank you very much for your good wishes. Yes, I flashed my XA2 back to Android with 19.1 and MindTheGapps. I used

  • lineage-19.1-20220804-nightly-pioneer-signed
  • lineage-19.1-20220804-recovery-pioneer
  • MindTheGapps-12.1.0-arm64-20220605_112439

I tried the build from August 11 but that got me into a boot loop. I could not get a suitable Opengapp version for any 19.1 Lineage.

Fun fact: Reflashing your system to Sailfish when you have semi bricked your device is so easy compared to the PITA flashing Lineage. :smiley:

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Cool u got it working and running, but I will keep lineage running for a while due to the still buggy sfos, still not reliable for me, as I live in Indonesia, and my local Sims got blocked by sfos, only 1 slot , and that’s not OK with a dualsim.
PS I reflashed several times , same results after updates etc, plus more bugs of standard settings not available, as I do not want use many patches to make things work, its kind of ridiculous and disappointed Jolla not solved some basic matters .

I am sad to hear that. I used my X, XA2 and now my 10 III as daily drivers from day one in 2017. There were some issues but overall I could rely on my phones. The screen of the X broke and GPS antennas on the XA2 lately degraded so much, that it became my new phone for things I won’t do with a device I have personal data on.
Mobile data issues seem to be a problem for some people. My 10 III sometimes needs a few seconds to switch from WiFi to mobile data but that is it then.

Dual SIM, SIM in slot one, SD in the other, both slots active (!) and standard settings from Vodafone.

I never had two SIMS, though and I my experience is limited to a bunch of European countries.

God luck with your experiments. I hope you’ll get everything up and running soon.