Recorder issue / Permanently set mic input to 200%

Q1: When using the recorder app (either or the harbour version) I get an error message when recording saying that the app can’t store the file in the designated path. I never had this issue in the past, only with 3.4. and encrypting. Any ideas?

Q2: Is there in the meantime any known way to permanently set mic input i.e. recording volume on xperia x to 200%? When I did pacmd set-source-volume 2 131072 in the past (i.e. pre 3.4.) it was only only set until reboot and the back o default.

Is the encrypted media mountet?
What kind of error message appears when executing the app via terminal and performing the task that fails?

The PA command (beginning with set) needs to be written in /etc/pulse/ for it to be loaded on every start.

For the Xperia X the relevant pulseaudio config is /etc/pulse/

@Loenneberga: For more details on your second question see this answer + comments on TJC:
Sailfish X recorded audio volume low

I don’t know if loading a custom config like described there still works

The tip of @hammerhead in the mentioned posting on TJC is a bit dangerous. I followed the instructions and sourced the

pacmd set-source-volume source.primary 163840

into the file /etc/pulse/

After reboot I was not able to activate my SIM card and the camera of the phone doesn’t want to work anymore … After removing the hack everything was fine again.
This was with a Sony Xperia XA2 -Dual Sim (H4113) and Sailfish OS

If you read further you’ll see an example on how to load the customization from a separate file in your home directory instead. It’s generally a good rule of thumb not to modify configurations of system components directly (.e.g bashrc)

Maybe I was not clear enough.
I did exactly this, with the mentioned result …

huh. that’s different then. Sorry.
I remember now that approach had stopped working for me after some time as well. I think all sound just went mute. Back then I figured it was an upgrade or a typo I made. But didn’t investigate further, it was too much effort at the time. Probably something with the way pulseaudio reads the config has changed.
If anything is amiss with the audioserver it could well be that other parts of the system are acting up because of it.