Recorder App for Audio in jolla store with FLAC codec

I have just activated my third SFOS device, Xperia 10 III. While installing all necessary apps, I miss the former Recorder App in jolla Store. This app seems to be no longer available. Why that? I was using this simple app quite frequently on my XA2 and it showed very good results including flac codec. For my needs, the currently available recorder app in store, Audio Recorder, is simply not good enough. Any idea, where I can find the old Recorder App? There it was possible to select the recording codecs Vorbis, Speex, PCM and FLAC.

Probably because there aren’t any aarch64 version. Sounds like the app is not maintened anymore. Try to find the sources to compile an aarch64 version.

Do you mean: Recorder | — Community Repository System which is available for 64 bit devices at: Recorder | — Community Repository System


I would recommed to listen to @pherjung , buuuuut
you could explore third-party app repositories which is risky, but the decision belongs to you to weight if the risk is worth it

Source is here…


Correct, this is the recorder I am looking for. Anyone here who can be so kind and generate the apk for me? I am a novice in this.

That’s quite the wrong package format.

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Why that? Normally, when I install an application, I take an apk file. … if I don’t install it from a store.

That’s the format for Android.
And while SFOS can run Android apps, the native apps are really nothing like that.
Sailfish uses rpm, like e.g. Fedora Linux.


Ok, understood. Anyway, neither rpm nor apk is part of the source above.

The second link I posted above contains links rpm files for your device.


Hallelujah. Thanks a lot. It works perfectly. Yippie.