Recommended terminal applications to try out

Hi guys, I wanted to try out some terminal applications on my SF device to see where the limits are. Do any of you have any suggestions of applications, resources of what applications work, what terminal applications you already use or any applications you’d like to see for the terminal in the future? Anything really is greatly appreciated

Here’s a quick selction of terminal stuff I use:

  • Fish shell
  • TaskWarrior
  • viu
  • ripgrep
  • wl-copy / wl-paste
  • sqlcipher
  • vim
  • screen

Terminal works well, but having a bluetooth keyboard is a must. (Xperia XA2 Ultra also has a nice big screen.)


Thank you, Ill look into them!

Most importantly midnight commander (mc), build from chum is best (and uninstall busybox bash to get the real deal and proper subshell with ctrl-o), then sky is the limit, with rust you can get for example nostui compiled

A pretty nice nostr client (doesn’t like primal relay for some reason tho, works fine), but it might require adding some swap as compiling 311 crates take a bit of memory and time, faster might be algia

That will require golang compiler, you can get it through pkgx, really you can get any cli program you want working as no need to deal with wayland bs, both options are also pretty much rootfs safe as all space will be taken from home (like python venv), pulling all kinds of -devel packages to build with gcc will eat that like candy

Edit: oh and forgot to mention, in case you’re using the default fingerterm check out ToeTerm | — Community Repository System much better terminal app, better compatibility and quality of life improvements like arrow keys not causing the whole kb highlight, it’s a must

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Thats awesome, and Toeterm feels way better that finger term, thanks!