Recomendation of applications?


I’ve got a new xperia xa2 (I know It’s too big, but I was woried that X compact only had android 4), I wish to ask which applications did you recommend for the following services:

  • Telegram: I’ve got installed Fernschreiber (and working) I tried Telegra’me, but I cannot identify on it.
  • Maps: I’ve installed Pure Maps
  • Navigation: Pure maps too? (I installed navit, but seems slow)
  • weather: The official one (Seems working fine)
  • keepass: The unique I found was ownKeepass (right?)


I like Here we go for Navigation since I live in a crowded area and need the traffic aware navigation. Otherwise OSMScout is nice.

Fernschreiber works fine for me but most of my contacts are on Threema and Signal.

I love Whisperfish, although it doesn’t work for me at the moment.

Messwerk is great as is Received and ownKeePass.

To get Telegra’me working you can install Telegram on Android, and request sign in code, and when you get the code, enter it in Telegra’me, (worked fir me a few months ago).

Pure Maps is as good as anything, except the search function - results are kind of random and limited. It’s definitely the best non-Android thing going. If you’re going to go Android, just use Google Maps.

Same fonavigation

Meecast is good for weather, and if updated for 4.0, has lock screen and events view compatibility. (not working on 4.0 yet, in my experience

I don’t use Keepass…

I think I will have android apps, soonish, but first I wish to work without it, And see what I can do.

I’m using waze in my mobile device, but since the GDPR was applied, waze is doing strange things allways.

Thanks, One more question how can I make a screenshot?

I have Xperia 10 II. It should be nice have again a working timer for Android support like we earlier had by Schturman.

I.e with Android support on my Xperia 10 II behaves oddly:

Over a one night btween 19 to 6:30 am a battery drain only 3 % from 100 to 97 %. Idle.

Whereas over another night time between 19 to 6:30 am may result to 17% from 100 to 83%. Idle.

Yes only 4G on. No way to change to 3G or 2G by Situations app sofar.

For maps I currently use (try) 3 different ones, Pure Maps, ModRana and OSMscout.

For a screenshot on the XA2 you can press both volume buttons at the same time.

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If you are using situations you can use the this command to stop android support:
dbus-send --system --dest=com.jolla.apk
d --type=method_call /com/jolla/apkd com.jolla.apkd.controlService


I believe the vol+/vol- keypress to take a screenshot works on all devices in SFOS X 4+ since screenshot apps no longer work due to security policy changes (which can be worked around, I’m told, making some changes in developer mode). At least it works on my Xperiae X, XA2 Ultra (so very big), and 10 II. It doesn’t work on the community version on pinephone.

Dear Anigl! (Edited)
Thank you very much. I appreciate this! I was looking under the hood. I did not find the old commands. Great!

Works fine on my Xperia 10. Simply push vol up & vol dn button simultanously and screenshot immediately will be saved to Gallery/Screenshots.

Dear anig!

Excuse me looked wrong the name.
My excuses! :+1:

Pure maps is fine for me, the car has built-in nav so I don’t need the phone for that while driving.
Situations is very useful, but the autostart helper app isn’t 64 bit compatible (yet).
Advanced Camera is great – now can use any of the 3 main cameras on 10 II.
Defender greatly reduces ads, trackers, other worthless web stuff.
Tux Racer is fun – not 64 bit yet.
ownKeepass is essential to remember 10 character passwords with UPPER and lower case, numbers and special chars! Ugh.
SeaPrint (and helper sharing plugin) finally printing from SFOS!
Jupii and Kodimote for media in the living room.
Stellarium for stargazing fun.
Amazfish for Amazfit fitness band/watch (when it’s working, which isn’t always for me :frowning: )

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Battery drain from 7:45 pm to 6.30 am with Android support off: only 2 %.

Is it possible also to start Android support with Situations app? Great!

same command just change the false to true

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Bravo! Grazie! Though thaht but did not think it should be …

Thanks, I tried the both buttons, but not work, and now, I see that I should press for one second. (which I like, in my company phone, I’m tired to do screenshots by error)

I tried kodimote, and most of the times, he told me cannot connect, and when he connects only shows me a “quit” button.

I’ve connect to kodi with the android without problems. at all.

Hi @jsingla

As some told you before OSM Scout is a very good app and also you can install SOM Scout Server and this offers you offline maps (as they are server by this last app).
This is really good if you are going to places where mobile data coverage is not very good or travelling to other countries where roaming with your country is out of price.

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Good point about OSM Scout Server and offline mode. These days, storage isn’t usually an issue, so packing the entire world’s map onto a mobile device is practical now. And Pure Maps can use OSM Scout Server, too, if you prefer its front end to OSM Scout.