Recomendation for small phone with sailfish os?

Since some time ago, I wish to degoogleize myself, and I will like to have a mobile phone with sailfish os.

I had a blackberry Z10, and I loved that os. And I’m following sailfish os since v1 (I think).

What is the smallest mobile phone that can run sailfish os (I will like to have the official one, also to soport the development of sailfish os)

Is it the xa2? right?

I see there is a project that makes runing the official version of the xperia X to the xperia X compact. But it supports until v3 of sailfish os.



and it works with the latest versions of SailfishOS. I know, I’m using it as a daily driver. I am not using the older Adnroid layer for this phone though.

With that old android, I expect is almost unusable, right?

What native applications are available in sailfish? My most used apps currently are:

  • whatsapp
  • telegram
  • waze
  • spotify

What’s the status of possible replaces? I know whatsapp it will be impossible, right? But the others?


There are apps for Telegram and Signal, this I know. For the rest have a look on the and this forum.

There is Hutspot in the Openrepos (I recommend installing Storeman for easy access). You need Spotify Premium to use it. It needs some configuration but I think it is pretty manageable for someone who flashed SFOS in a phone. Hutspot does not have all the functions of the official app but it is sleek to use like Sailfish itself (I like it better than the official).

Thanks to all,

Did you know if there is any option to support the xz1 compact? (I had before that mobile, and currently my girlfriend had mine)

I like the X compact, but I don’t know with the old android support, maybe it become only to a test experience and I cannot convert it into daily (personal) phone.