Recalibrate battery after replacement in a Xperia XA2

Hello folks,

I recently replaced my battery in my Xperia XA2 to a new geinue Sony battery.
The on time increased a bit however my phone randomly turns off even when the battery charge percentage is high (for e.g. ~60%). It happens during calls, and even in idle state.
Is there any way to recalibrate the battery state without restoring the Android system?

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Does the phone power down with the “Goodbye” screen, or does it suddenly turn off?

If the latter happen, I would suspect a hardware issue like a bad connection or a faulty replacement battery (high internal resistance) rather than a software issue.

It shut down gracefully (says the Goodbye and then turns off). It beeps a couple of seconds before the reboot (with the old battery it beeped at 3% and waited more time before the shutdown).

Is there anyone who replaced the battery in an XA2 with SFOS and did not have any troubles afterwards?