Re-flash or reset device?

I come from that thread: Bricked Xperia X after update to

After not being able to connect by ssh throught recovery mode, the error/bug of black screen at boot can be fixed with the Jolla recovery option number 1) Reset device to factory state or a re-flash?

Presumably you follow advice in this resource for Xperia devices?
Have you made a previous backup upon SD card or in “Cloud”?
Had you installed any “patches” which may have caused issues, in which case a re-flash might be a better alternative?

I don have any patches just storeman and aliendalvik control that seems problematic with this new update, I made a backup luckily before update.

I know how enter to recovery mode, my problem is that i cant use sshd “press enter to stop sshd” unable to do anything else.

Enter to recovery mode using telnet
Start sshd
Enter to sshd with putty using login and password provided
On the ssh part login and password are ok but I try to use

devel-su: not found

rpm -e --noscripts aliendalvik-control
rpm: invalid option – “e”

You need to chroot to the phone’s filesystem (you’re in the recovery filesystem now): File System corrupted - XA2 SFOS

Mounting your home directory does not seem necessary in your case.

chroot /rootfs works fine now devel-su runs… but what kind of password need?

The pin you decrypt your phone with.

Thats the security pin for device lock? If so thats not work.

Sorry for the vocabulary and negativity but comand line is a fucking nightmare to fix something that is not my fault

Any option to uninstall aliendalvik and storeman without devel-su? I dont have mores passwords than the device look code.

In the Recovery Mode Shell command:

chroot /rootfs/
rpm -e --noscripts aliendalvik-control

If you get error:

error: "aliendalvik-control" specifies multiple packages:

then use the rpm -command with exact versioned name from the list. I had 2 different versions installed, and removing both of them wasn’t enough to fix the problem on Xperia 10.

Also as side note, the command line is really kickass way to fix things as long as you have an idea what needs fixing. I will take the command line over forced reflashing on every problem at any day.

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A bit late, phone is now factory reset, but good to know all this tricks, thank you all for the help.

I see you don’t need the answer anymore but yes, that’s the pin I meant (or for the decryption).

i am confused. for devel-su: i do use the password that one sets in developer tools , when you enable remove connection … imho

however i never do os upgrade without turned developer support one.

Yes for devel-su you use the password from Developer Tools in settings.