Radio App for 10III

Anbody good enough making Apps could make an App activating the radio. In Nokia N9 you had to buy an app to activaate the radio. Why not in SFOS. I’ll gladly pay for that.Tried NextRadio but it did not work and the developer is no longer aviable.


The 10 III doesn’t have FM radio hardware.

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I asked Sony Finland and they said it has.

GSM Arena say " FM radio (region dependent)"

Wow, indeed.

Maybe the FM receiver needs to be switched on, eg. via mce?

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By our hero @dcaliste:

Can’t claim to fully understand what the maintainers wanted instead, but it sounds more like they want it another way than not at all.

I’m afraid this is still very preliminary work. And I’m not sure it can be successful. The current status is the following :

  • previously, FM receiver was triggered by directly talking to the hardware,
  • now it is using an Android service, but this service is not include in Sony AOSP at the moment,
  • this service is provided by a QCom binary blob that is not provided by Sony but may be in future releases,
  • the open source parts talking to the service are compiling and running ok though.

The PR you’re referring to was an initial attempt to get a more recent BT stack to compile. But indeed Sony guys did it differently (and better) by updating some other parts.

About the FM receiver work, you can follow the current status with :