Quickddit on v3.4.0.24

Hello, i’d like to inquire about the Quickddit-app running on Sailfish OS version Will the version provided by the store work for versions >

Does anybody know alternatives that might work?

Which store?, it’s available from both Jolla Store and Openrepos. The version on Jolla Store has been updated in recent months. On Openrepos, there are several versions for download, the earliest version is dated 2020. See the authors Openrepos page, where you might also like to ask your question, it is possible the author does not use this forum; Quickddit | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System

Also, what device are you using that still warrants using an old version of SFOS?, I’m guessing you have a Jolla1?, in which case, is the last release for Jolla1 dated September 2020, so perhaps to try installing the RPM on Openrepos dated somewhere in 2020.