Quick dial buttons

Like said here:

The phone app could offer a quick dial like feature phones. This way, I won’t have to make up unusual names for contacts that I call very often. I could just attach them to a number on the keypad.

Thank you in advance!

Favouriting contacts solves the same issue, albeit slightly differently. The will then show up at the top of the contacts tab of the phone app.

PS: should this not be a feature request?

Right. And moved.

The date of that feature request is to be noted!

I have another idea. Contacts in top menu. Simply pull down and call or message. Only two moves plus wake button of course.

Also already requested in this forum here, so duplicate?

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Getting back:
I use the “favouriting” function for 40 contacts that I use frequently. And then there is family whom you call all the time.
I’d like to have those few contacts directly on my numbers, so I don’t have to jump around all the rest of my favourites -or- rename contacts with weird stuff like 1, 2, 3, symbols and what else and then jump over those to get to my other favourites.
In a car, this is faster, easier and better to control - than 40 favourites of my 1659 contacts…

I imagine the settings of the phone app to make it possible to open up the dialer, press and hold one of the numbers and get the contact I saved on it. -AND- have vanity search similar to t9. The buttons are much bigger and if you are using the device for work, you will find yourself stuck in the dialer screen quite often.

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