Quick Charge doesn't work correctly

Hi, i got an Sony XA2 device, installed a licensed SFOS version (| AOSP 16) on it and i got a charging problem using quick charge. When i connect a QC3 Charger the device starts with 4,9V@aprox. 1,5A. After some milliseconds the charging current raises to 5,1V@aprox. 1A and a few seconds later the charging current get down, the devicedisplay turns on and the message " remove the charger from … " is printed in the top/notification line. If 5.1V current is reached the changing Process restarts immediately, , run through the 2 current steps and restarts again. I think this is not very good for the accu and device itself. So does anyone have a solution or tips what i can do ? If QC wont work correctly at all is it possible to disable QC on my device ? Tested various charger and cable, the issu still persist

If i charge the turned off device, the QC charging current starts @ 4,79 V raises to 5.1V and the skip load process and starts a new round beginngn @ 4,79V . After each charging break the display turn on ( every 2 seconds the display turn on 2 seconds, turn off and the restarts the display turn on/off loop - This i really bad because all my chargers are QC3 charger, excerpt my powerbank ( normal 2A and Quickcharge 3.0) This issue makes the XA2 on SFOS unusable for me, @ night i got an "Discoflashlight in my sleeping room. Just load some energy QUICK!!! when i am on bike tours is a “mission impossible” . So dear Jolla What can i do ? How can i disable QC ? I also cant use any USB to Jack adapters with charge option because the USB adapter gets reinitiated every 3-5 seconds when QC breaks/restart.

I am VERY !!! disappointed that this basics doesn`t work, even when i bought an SFOS license.

regards speefak

Not sure.
Could the QC3 have a dodgy transformer or something?

I tried several charger and cable, allways the same issue, even if the device is turned of. so i think is an error in the AOSP or XA2 Hardware.