Quick app switching when closing app with gesture

There is a hidden feature, called quick app switching allowing to swap between apps.
Idea is to expand this feature when closing an app with a gesture from top to bottom.

So if the gesture goes beyond half the screen, it switches back to the last used and still opened application. Like the quick app switching, but from top to the bottom.

It is quite hard to understand what you have written (beyond the topic level). Please look it over you post once more.

Also, “it could be nice” is basically the same as “not needed”.

I know this is gonna get banned, but attah: most times all you do is ranting at ppl what they should do and think and write, like a statist. It’s annoying.

This criticism was quite well received, and acted on excellently, thank you very much.
I will refrain from posting a review on your “style”.