Question: does a new user need to pay a license for an XA2 in order to get Sailfish 4?

A friend wants to try Sailfish. I gave him my XA2. He only gets updates until Sailfish 3. Does he have to pay a license in order to get Sailfish 4?

Assuming he changed Jolla accounts on it - then the easy answer is yes. He should really see no GUI-based updates at all on what us now a free version as that is one of the things locked behind the license. Updates through the console will still work.

If it is indeed just for testing, i’d honestly suggest a clean reflash from the latest version.
If he likes it and wants to keep going, paying to get upcoming releases doesn’t seem so bad.

You could also pull your EU consumer rights card and hassle support about it. Supposedly resale of licenses is protected and legal - but i haven’t looked in to it.

@Kea Your friend should use the same Jolla account credentials with what the phone was initially registered. If he made a new free Jolla account, updates will not work.

But he can delete this new Jolla account on the phone, then create a new one, and there enter the credentials (username/password) of the account with that the phone initial was flashed. Then it will work. It’s worth, there are many improvements in SFOS .

Update from 3.x goes in many steps.

  1. to 3.4,
  2. to 4.0,
  3. to 4.1 .
    Don’t worry about this, it’s normal. Take 2-3 hours of download/update time into account for this, and give the device it’s time.

I had this situation after factory-resetting a device few weeks ago. But after this procedure, the phone worked better than ever before!

You dont even have to do that, get a Sailfish X Free licence from

To get to the latest.

Thanks for your answers. If he uses my account , what about general mail? Is it possible to have two different general mail accounts on different devices, but with one Jolla account?

No, if two phones are registered and licenced to the same account, one never can be separated from the other. In this case the payment for one is lost and the new user of the sold phone has to purchase a new license.

This can be a free license that costs no money but only registration, if the buyer doesn’t want or need Android support and Predictive text input. But if the buyer wants this two extras, then the buyer has to purchase a new paid license.

In both cases the buyer then also has an own Jolla account with an own access to this forum.

If only one phone is linked to a Jolla account, the mail address and the password of this account can be changed by the buyer, but not the username of the Jolla account.

I would have understood this question differently (maybe wrong). And your answer is correct. But how I understood the question I would answer: If you use the same Jolla account on two devices (with the same Jolla-Account Mail for sure) you can set up everything else on these devices independent from each other. There is nothing synced over the Jolla Account (beside the license information) afaik.

So you can set up absolute different “General Mail Accounts” or Nextcoud connections, or IRCs etc that these devices are synced with. So if your friend and you do not care about being logged in to the same Jolla account there is not really any chance of “data breach” of personal information, E-Mail, Contacts, SMS or whatever from one to the other. So I wouldn’t care about giving a device to a friend with signed in Jolla account.

According to Jolla zendesk there are licence groups:

  1. Licence group Xperia 10 II
  2. Licence group Xperia 10
  3. Licence group Xperia XA2
  4. Licence group Xperia X
  5. Licence group Gemini

So, if @Kea has another licence group than XA2, then it is “ok” to have one account on two devices (but why would you share the password…)

But the question itself:
Question: does a new user need to pay a license for an XA2 in order to get Sailfish 4?

No, according to the third FAQ here

  1. What is Sailfish X Free?
    Sailfish X Free is a trial version of Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia 10 II, Xperia 10, Xperia 10 Plus, Xperia X, XA2, XA2 Plus, XA2 Ultra, and Gemini PDA.
    You can download it free of charge to your device, and start experiencing Sailfish OS.

The paid license includes MS Exchange support for email, calendar, contacts as well, so if you want to sync these with your Exchange server or Office365 account you will need the paid license. Syncing just email with Office365 can be done via imap without the paid license, but this method will not synchronise your calendar or contacts.

@Steve_Everett This is absolutely correct.
Sorry, I forgot to mention the MS Exchange function that is also provided with the paid licence.

This is absolutely correct.
I did only write about the Jolla account settings, e.g. to what e-mail address a notification about a new post is sent, communication with other fories, hearts (likes), and so on.
The settings of the two phone’s apps are not synchronised, so different mail accounts and other different app settings are possible of course.

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