Question about Stop Releases

I have just taken a newly-flashed device online, and I get offered an update to Latest and Greatest Vanha Rauma

Now, there have up until now been three releases of the 4.4.0 series, and all of them have stated in the release notes that they are so-called Stop Releases - albeit they never state the version they are Release Notes for, they always talk about “4.4.0”.

We also have this very official page calling a Stop Release, but does not mention previous versions.

Am I to understand that for 4.4.0 at least, I can upgrade skipping all versions up until the latest, provided I start from (the latest Stop Release from the page above)?

Yes. I could have sworn the last patch update was more clear in that it replaces the previous stop release.


It did mention previous point releases of SailfishOS 4.4.0 (i.e., and, before the next point release was published.

AFAIU Jolla just states “4.4.0 is a stop release” (or any other stop release denoted with a <major>.<minor>.<micro> version) to keep things simple and it is true, because the all special preparatory work for the next major, minor or micro release (this is what stop releases are about) always has been in the first GA (general availability) point release of a SailfishOS stop release (I do not know if this holds true for EA and cBeta releases, but think it did for all EA releases).

But the exact definition for nitpickers is “the latest point release of 4.4.0 is a stop release” (or any other stop release denoted with a <major>.<minor>.<micro> version), although (as stated before) IMO that never made any difference. But that is a moving target (until the next major, minor or micro release is out), which is confusing some people. As so often Jolla’s communication of this is not optimal, but such a detailed explanation as the one provided here will also confuse some people.

I hope that my guesswork based on Jolla’s statements in the release notes, technical aspects documented in the changelogs and how Jolla updates aforementioned page (see also its history) is correct in every detail.

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