QTWebit 5.212: how to revert to original packages?

I just discovered I have the known issue with QtWebkit 5.212 DEV from llectronic repos.
I didn’t know I had it installed. Deleting it from storeman does not work.
I also try solution from here and here but that does not work either.
When I try to do pkcon install, it says that packages are not found.

I am sorry, I am a noob and, as I wrote, I didn’t even know I had it installed (could be a dependancy from another repos?).

By the way, I am on Xperia X with the latest version (but I already had the issue with a previous version).

Can someone please help me going back to original packages?

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Finally found the solution. I eventually succeeded in deactivating llelectronics_dev repos and then used zypper instead of pkcon. All is good now

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