QT3D for SailfishOS

I’m interested in using 3D effects in my apps and so I found this; GitHub - sailfishos/qt3d from 2014 ~ I’m guessing this probably won’t work and rather than try and bugger up my current install of SDK, I wondered if anyone has tried/played with the code from the given repo…?

Did you take a look at any of the examples like:

I haven’t tried any of this.

But QT3D is not part of Sailfish, so neither of those links really pertain to what I’m asking.

There are no options in maintenance tool for adding QT3D to the SDK, which is pretty much what I’m asking.

The link I posted (not sure if you’ve actually looked at it) is basically giving instruction on adding Qt3D to Sailfish SDK, but as previously stated, it is from 2014, much has changed since then.

Any suggestions on how and where to try entering code from the link in my original post gratefully received.

I just took a look. checked out the 5.10 branch but we don’t have any of those modules in the sdk. I hadn’t got that far. Just now noted that it’s not included at all.

Looking at the 5.10 branch, that code is not newer than 2017, so it’s probably doable. But getting QT up to, what 5.9/10? That’s a bunch of work in an of itself.

I’m doing some tests with location (broken osm plugin) to see how far you can push obs, but I’m out of my league on this one.

EDIT, as I understand the original repo you linked is building all of qt 5.2 with the qt3d modules. ?

Regarding your EDIT; I didn’t glean that, you clearly understand more about it than I do.

Notably though, QT3D files are present in SailfishOS/bin/qml/Qt3D.

Hmm. Interesting. I don’t have that Directory in SailfishOS BUT looking at lib

ls -al SailfishOS/lib/Qt/lib

libQt53DAnimation.so.5 -> libQt53DAnimation.so.5.15.2
libQt53DAnimation.so.5.15 -> libQt53DAnimation.so.5.15.2
libQt53DCore.so.5 -> libQt53DCore.so.5.15.2
libQt53DCore.so.5.15 -> libQt53DCore.so.5.15.2
libQt53DExtras.so.5 -> libQt53DExtras.so.5.15.2
libQt53DExtras.so.5.15 -> libQt53DExtras.so.5.15.2
libQt53DInput.so.5 -> libQt53DInput.so.5.15.2
libQt53DInput.so.5.15 -> libQt53DInput.so.5.15.2
libQt53DLogic.so.5 -> libQt53DLogic.so.5.15.2
libQt53DLogic.so.5.15 -> libQt53DLogic.so.5.15.2
libQt53DQuickAnimation.so.5 -> libQt53DQuickAnimation.so.5.15.2
libQt53DQuickAnimation.so.5.15 -> libQt53DQuickAnimation.so.5.15.2
libQt53DQuickExtras.so.5 -> libQt53DQuickExtras.so.5.15.2
libQt53DQuickExtras.so.5.15 -> libQt53DQuickExtras.so.5.15.2
libQt53DQuickInput.so.5 -> libQt53DQuickInput.so.5.15.2
libQt53DQuickInput.so.5.15 -> libQt53DQuickInput.so.5.15.2
libQt53DQuickRender.so.5 -> libQt53DQuickRender.so.5.15.2
libQt53DQuickRender.so.5.15 -> libQt53DQuickRender.so.5.15.2
libQt53DQuickScene2D.so.5 -> libQt53DQuickScene2D.so.5.15.2
libQt53DQuickScene2D.so.5.15 -> libQt53DQuickScene2D.so.5.15.2
libQt53DQuick.so.5 -> libQt53DQuick.so.5.15.2
libQt53DQuick.so.5.15 -> libQt53DQuick.so.5.15.2
libQt53DRender.so.5 -> libQt53DRender.so.5.15.2
libQt53DRender.so.5.15 -> libQt53DRender.so.5.15.2

That looks like a start :slight_smile: I’ll go dig around a bit.

But, that’s the ide stuff and NOT the targets stuff: SailfishOS/mersdk/targets/SailfishOS- for instance. So I’m just wasting your time. Sorry. TGIF

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