I found a github containing files for QremoteControl. After some messing about, I managed to get the app running but sadly, the desktop component crashes after around 5 seconds and then occasionally, it stays running without problems. I’m not sure if the crashing desktop app is related directly to the app or a problem with the age of the desktop client and my Windows version.

Nonetheless, when the app was running with the desktop client, I was able to control my mouse as a touchpad in the app, control my WinAMP player after changing keyboard shortcuts in the app, as well as muting sound, volume up and down…quite cool I think.

However, I have no idea why the crashing of the desktop app occurs but it does happen approx. 5 seconds after the phone and desktop server are connected.

IF anyone is interested in getting this app running nicely, the repo can be found here;

The desktop server can be downloaded via the above github page.

Here a few screenshots I managed to grab while the app stayed running/connected to the desktop server.

Stupid question, but isn’t that the kind of functionality that kdeconnect provides? I zhink the sailfish version also works with the windows client

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No idea, I wasn’t aware of kdeconnect. I had the same app running on Jolla1 and liked it, I found it convenient, quick to start, easy to use, etc.

I’ll take a look at kdeconnect anyway, thanks for the tip.

EDIT: KdeConnect up and running, very nice so far, it pretty much does what I want. Not sure why I didn’t think to look on Openrepos!,

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@Fellfrosch is a user of kdeconnect via Sailfish Connect | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System seems to work.

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