[QML]VideoOutput on multiple pages

I have a page with a small VideoOutput area and would like to allow switching to another page with a fullscreen VideoOutput however after switching I get the following error:

`bool QDeclarativeVideoOutput::createBackend(QMediaService*) Media service has neither renderer nor window control available.`

I’m not sure but I suspect this may be related to this bug which was resolved in Qt 5.15.

Is anyone else doing QML VideoOutput spread over multiple pages and do they have this working properly? Should I be implementing full screen as a modification of the items on the current page?

As far as i know you can only have one video output connected to media player…?

As the bug report shows that is not a feature but a bug (fixed in Qt 5.15).

But even if we assume that limitation and work within it shouldn’t the 1 VideoOutput limit be “per page” after all no 2 pages show at the same time?

Not necessarily, just because you don’t see pages on lower level doesn’t mean they are unloaded

Your example QML? Looking at the bug report there are several things that might be in play? That are also not a bug at all. I’m not sure if this is your case:


in short, in MediaPlayer ( videoOutput: [v1, v2]) where v1: is Item content and v2: is Window ? I’m not sure that’s what your after. Page with preview to full screen?

Look at the last concrete example. But I haven’t tried this.

I also read ‘I created an Item just under the root, and I changed the parent of my video element when I wanted to go fullscreen. I put my new Item as the parent of my video element.’

There is also, ParentChange?

I see, so yes the page is not unloaded and I’m not sure that unloading it is a relevant option so I guess I’ll need to work around it.

The documentation that you link to is for QtMultimedia 5.15 in which the bug was resolved, for the version of Qt on SFOS this does not work.

Would it work to disconnect one videooutput and connect other one?

Could you post the page(s) or point to them? And just so I understand again, you want one page with an ‘emdedded, small’ view to switch on ‘condition’ to fullscreen. Switching page not being necessary?