[QML][Silica][FeatureRequest] Add ability to pick/create Folders to FilePickerPage or create FolderPickerPage

Recently I added the ability for users to change the path at which they store their downloads in gPodder, I really wanted to use a filepicker for that but based on the documentation picking a folder is not possible.

Any chance we can have such a thing?

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Like these maybe? :slight_smile:

Looks like there’s some “for selecting a file” sentence on the documentation but that smells like copy-paste from the file picker.


Yup, thanks!

I actually googled “sfos silica FolderPickerPage” and got no results :man_facepalming:

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Actually this solves it mostly, it would still be cool if these pickers also had a property to allow the user to create the folder that they want to use.

A bit more -
Currently the picker allows only to pick existing folders, on “desktop os” when you are choosing a folder for something you can generally create a new folder directly in the folder picking dialog.

This could either be implemented like in @ichthyosaurus File Browser - pull down menu “Create new folder”

Or alternatively at the end of the folder list (/bottom of the screen where there are no more subfolders) there could be a + Add Folder item

To me the second option seems a bit more straightforward to the user.

That’s a fair request, added an internal task for that.