Q: SF Browser - is there a way to install Firefox Add-ons?

Is there a way to install Firefox Add-ons on the Sailfish browser by some trick or by CLI?
To have e.g. Ghostery, SingleFile, Behind the Overlay would be very fine!


AFAIK, nope, you can get an xps file to ‘install’ as in create a directory with uuid and then even plug this uuid in about:config, but no matter what I tried with ublock it wouldn’t actually work (you could even see it ‘installed’ in about:addons and access its broken chrome through a special url but alas, maybe now with @flypig’s efforts if we get an easily reproducible buildable esr91 someone will be able to track which changes disable addons and fight with that part, with clear instructions how to get the sdk/build even running I’m sure more people will be able to give it a shot at least)
Edit: in sfos 1.0.5 one could install addons with trick of opening the xps link in a new window, some about:config tweaks and it even worked in 2.0.x I think if you had legacy install from 1.0.x, but new install wouldn’t, you could dig out details in TJC, but it no longer works


This is a really good question and one I’ve wondered about myself; but sadly never had time to check. Now that add-ons are all web-extensions (only Javascript, no XUL or XPCOM) it should be easier. If I discover anything more concrete on my ESR 91 journey I’ll be sure to share it.


Is syncing support included in your endeavours?


I’m not sure which one of us this is directed at, but at least from my perspective it’s not currently part of my plan. But that’s not to say I wouldn’t love it if it was; Firefox sync would be one of my number one features to add.

Right now the priority for me is just on getting the engine upgraded.


That would be great if you do.


Plugins would be nice. Going OT a little, access to about:logins would be nice too.


Chromium browsers have an abillity to read unpacked extension from disk in a developer mode. As an extension author myself, I always wanted this in Firefox, because it greatly simplifies dog fooding. Sadly it is not available in Firefox, and temporary extensions are flashed at restarts. Having this would simplify greatly user ability to install extensions outside of normal enduser use case.

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It was indeed directed at you.

Thanks for the update and thanks for your hard work!


Mozzila REMOVED extensions from the mobile domain years ago. Much to my chagrin since I had built a XUL based extension (for calendar foo) which I had hoped (lonnnng ago) to also use on mobile. Just recently they began introducing extensions back for android: Is your extension ready for Firefox for Android? Be part of the launch of a new open mobile ecosystem | Mozilla Add-ons Community Blog

But, fact is, mobile ff has been castrated for years.