Q: Purchasing Jolla App Support possible for Desktop Linux Computer?

Jolla offers here: AppSupport - Jolla Jolla App Support for all platforms.

Q: is it possible to purchase App Support for installing it on a standard Linux desktop computer?

I have the impression this offer os only for enterprise customers, not consumers. However, why not use waydroid?

Until now I couldn’t make Waydroid work on my computer. Maybe because it’s an Ubuntu system with Cinnamon desktop and Cinnamon doesn’t support Wayland graphics. I’ll try again using Ubuntu edit: KDE desktop.

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Which applies to all of Jollas products.

People who think they are Jolla Customers are mistaken.


As the name suggests, waydroid is a wayland application. To make wayland applications run under Xorg, you need weston (my guess: apt install weston).