Q: Problems with setting up Cargo Dock

I hope somebody can help me… Problem is the correct settings for Cargo Dock OwnCloud client on Sony Xperia 10 / SFOS

The Owncloud Server is up and running, access works fine from the computer and from the Sailfish Phone using GhostCloud.

But using Cargo Dock it doesn’t work and I’m not sure about some error messages, and also what to fill in into the field ‘path’. On the computer and in GhostCloud this field doesn’t exist and it works.

On Cargo Dock, with some tries to fill in ‘~’, ‘./’, ‘/.’ or ‘~/’ i got error messages ‘forbidden’.
With ‘/’ or ‘/Test’ (this directory really exists on the cloudserver) in the field ‘path’ i get an error message ‘The server did not respond’. Cargo Dock doesn’t accept to leave this field empty.

GhostCloud shows in it’s settings: https://cloud.example.at:443 , and works.

So i tried to enter the server address in many ways, with SSL on:
https://cloud.example.at:443 (as works in GhostCloud) → The server did not respond
https://cloud.example.at → The server did not respond
https://cloud.example.at/ → The server did not respond
cloud.example.at → This action is not allowed
cloud.example.at/ → This action is not allowed

What can I do to make it work? Does anybody know?
Many thanks in advance!