Q: PDF Reader Tweak - Disable set view to 100% on single tap on screen

My question is for a tweak in some config file, please.

On a single click on the screen, the PDF reader sets the view of the opened document to 100% , and also jumps to the previous page. (Before, I had enlarged the view size per 2 finger gesture, for better reading and to avoid white zones left and right.)

Often this happens accidentally while scrolling, that the ‘set view to 100%’ is triggred. So I want to disable this feature, so that a small one finger touch of the screen without scrolling should have no effect. To make the view smaller again, I can still use the 2 finger gesture in the other way as before.

Is this possible? Any hints or ideas? Thanks in advance!

I’d say that is a bug. Firstly, it feels more like a double-tap thing to do, and secondly, getting to the wrong page can never be correct.

This bug is not new, it’s since long time and on both Xperia 10 and Volla.

This is outdated information. It didn’t occur in later SFOS versions.

I searched and found a solution:

For Sony Xperia 10 / SFOS
vi /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Office/PDFView.qml

For the Volla / SFOS
vi /usr/lib64/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Office/PDFView.qml

Line 80 - 87 - comment out this:

     80 /*    onClicked: {
     81         if (zoomed) {
     82             var scale = pdfCanvas.width / width
     83             zoomOutContentYAnimation.to = Math.max(0, Math.min(contentHeight - height,
     84                                                                (contentY + height/2) / scale - height/2))
     85             zoomOutAnimation.start()
     86         }
     87     } */

Now a click into the screen will no more set view to 100% if zoomed in.
Works immediately, no reboot necessary.

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