Q: Is there any SFTP client or Nextcloud server for Sailfish OS?

Q: Is there any SFTP client or a Nextcloud server for Sailfish OS?

My question is two in one, because I can solve my problem in 2 ways.

  1. Install a Nextcloud server on my ‘Gateway’ phone, and use existing apps on other phone and computer, or
  2. Have a SFTP client for the other SFOS phone and use the ‘gateway’ phone’s existing sftp server functionality.

I searched Jolla Store, Storeman and Chum, but I couldn’t find any SFTP client or Nextcloud server, therefore I ask. Have I overlooked something?

In case 2, I’d like something that works like GhostCloud, but for SFTP connection to local server in the WLAN, because I use a dedicated Sailfish phone with it’s VPN & Mobile access point functionality as internet access for everything in the house. So I want to use the SD card of this phone as a NAS.

Another option could be to install an Owncloud/nextcloud server running on this gateway phone.

Has anyone some hints or ideas? Many thanks!

Have you tried this one TermSCP (aarch64) | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System ?

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Thanks, I didn’t yet try, but will try on the Volla phone, that is 64 bit.

Will syncthing/SyncDings suffice for your purposes? SyncDings | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System

rclone is another possibility, it can do everything, including sftp, and it has a web-based UI you could access from the browser.

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I have an evil script on my Volla which uses curl:

curl -u user:pass -T ${file} sftp://hostname/directory/