Q: HP48 emulator on SFOS

Would like to install the x48 emulator for the HP48GX calculator on Sailfish and downloaded the x48 from Openrepos. It’s an old program from 2013 and no more supported. It’s a .deb file. I have a ‘real’ HP48GX on my own and also have the ROM dump.
Is it possible to install x48 on a ‘modern’ SFOS ( What have I to do for installing? The .deb file wants to open with browser, what is senseless and fails. Is there any way to install this, or another HP48 emulator?

You may try to extract the binaries from the deb file, either by using ‘dpkg -e xxx.deb’ or with 7z or the like and copy it manually to SFOS device. It might most probably not work anymore as older libraries are not present anymore. But it is worth a shot.

if you like to take a look into how I made an old ‘N900’ socat binary working on (an older version of) SFOS


There was a great RPN Calculator (very HPish) called RPNcalc in the Jolla store, but it doesn’t work anymore :frowning: I understand it was written in Python 2 which is no longer supported. Reviving that app would be great (meanwhile I also have to use the HP 48 GX)

You cloud also try reaching out to rzr (apparently they are still around) whether they’d share the source.

There’s source to x48 out there, but that implementation is for X11…

Oh, and I assume you are aware of Ti85emu | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System - but of course that is not RPN.

TI85 screenshot has Enter button and I can’t see an Equal (=) button. So really no RPN? On the other hand, I don’t remember to have ever seen a TI calculator with RPN.

You need to install a python lib. See the github issues for instructions


I finally weakened, installed the android emulation, and Free42 (android) works excellently

Is this here?
GitHub - emmby/RPNCalc: A RPN calculator in HTML5 (somewhat...). ?

What have I to do? Can’t find the instructions!

No, that is not it. This would be right: Sailfish RPN calculator by lainwir3d - but it is not working. You can download the app from Jolla store but you cannot type numbers, even after installing what is supposed to be missing

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No, the issue is here
If you have the Android installed, then Free42 is far superior, being a full programmable. RPNCalc needs a small amount of work to fix the stack ui bug.
If you havn’t used an HP42 before, you should learn how to use the Solver, its a great thing.

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Have you tried also X48 Beta Source Code 0.5.0 - detailed information
I used the Android version of HP48g and it was really effective.
You can also consider the online emulator jsEmu48 : First HP48G(X) Calculator Emulator Online