Q: How to remove 2 arrows after unlocking the device (Volla)

After updating the device to new SFOS releases, I always do this:

to remove the animation after unlocking the device. This time the same ( Volla from to, but now there are two arrows (one left and one right on the screen) after unlocking, thats new!

How can I remove these arrows? Doing the tweak mentioned above didn’t help!

Thanks for any help!

New for Volla perhaps but has been there for a while on SailfishOS in general I’m quite sure (neither of my JOlla1’s have batteries in them to check for sure).

Regardless, try editing one line of text in this file


line: 27

source: "image://theme/graphics-edge-swipe-arrow"

change to;

//source: "image://theme/graphics-edge-swipe-arrow"

Restart lipstick;

systemctl --user restart lipstick

This is a bit hacky I suppose, but it seems to do what you ask, at first glance, YMMV being on Volla.

Xperia 10 II with latest SFOS


Thanks very much @Edz , works like a charm!! :star_struck:

edit: by experiment I removed the trailing 2 zeros from all duration: and velocity: parameters, have the feeling the device reacts a little faster on UI interactions. edit: By decreasing of imho unnecessary delays I wanted to make the device react faster on user interaction.
Also I can see a much better reactivity of touchscreen keyboard in all apps. Before this tweak it often happened, that optical feedback on typing came on the keyboard, but in the text the letter was not typed. Keyboard now works much more reliable.

edit: after some testing I changed the duration and velocity values to originalValue / 20, e.g. 700 → 35. GUI is now a little bit smoother and crashes(stucking screen) less frequent .

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