Q: How to deinstall 'Jolla-gallery' on Xperia 10 / SFOS

I want to deinstall ‘Gallery’ app because I don’t need it, I use ImgOrganizer and LLs vPlayer. But at the GUI / App grid it’s not possible (no x at Gallery icon on long tap the app grid). Deinstalling by CLI answers:

[root@X10-Dual-Bastelhandy defaultuser]# pkcon remove jolla-gallery
Änderungen werden getestet                                                                                                        
Schwerwiegender Fehler: Diese Anfrage bringt Ihr System zum Absturz!
[root@X10-Dual-Bastelhandy defaultuser]# 

Translation: fatal error: This request brings your system to (edit:) break.

and doesn’t deinstall.
How can I override and deinstall anyway?

Why uninstall?
Just hide the icon.

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I want to delete/uninstall everything I don’t need, for saving memory space and slim the system. I could successfully deinstall Gallery from a Volla, currently on, and observed increasing speed and faster response on touchscreen events. The Volla reported also the deinstallation of some social media plugins on deinstalling Gallery, that I had to extra confirm. After confirmation it deinstalled.

To view photos, I use ImgOrganizer, to watch videos, LLs vPlayer, both still works fine on Volla @, so I’m happy.

But on the X10 @ it denied to deinstall, gave no option to override so no success. I didn’t know that the Gallery app is related to some social media plugins, only wanted to ‘cleanup’ what I don’t need, and was very surprised that Gallery is related to social media plugins on and denies deinsatllation on!

Surely the gallery app is only a few 100k storage like all other SFOS apps with no dedicated backends?
And it is not like it will save you RAM since you didn’t have it running.

You’ll have to back that up with evidence as there is no obvious or even plausible explanation model for a causality here.

I have no explanation, only observed it. No idea from what reason it comes.

But now i’m very interested to know: Why should the deinstallation of such a few 100 k app bring the system to crash??

Could it just be in your head then perhaps? Decent proof via the FPS graph is not particularly hard to make.

“Crash” is a really bad translation. It probably says something along the lines of “break” in English.

It breaks the dependencies for essential system packages - both what i assume is the virtual package that ties it all together into what it means to be a regular install (feature-jolla), and droid-hal-version-… which is quite more essential on my phone. Even if that could probably safely be ignored, it is a question how upset the package manager will be with the system in that state.


You can just remove the jolla-gallery binary from /usr/bin, the directory in /usr/share and the desktop file, should save you about 200kb and most likely won’t brick your system (a backup of the files won’t hurt), or download the rpm on volla and see a full list of files that get installed as this might leave a couple kb somewhere else. Do you remember what plugins volla cleaned? I would guess some for dropbox integration would be likely as that’s a feature of the app, but that’s not social platform, maybe it has some special twitter plugin for sharing??
Edit: and yeah, there isn’t even a preloaded binary for gallery like for dialer or browser, so all you get is few hundred kb of storage space, speedup is most likely a placebo


Yes there was dropbox, but the rest I don’t remember, there were a few, 1 or 2 others. Silly me that I didn’t make a screenshot of the warning on the Volla! But now, I’m much more interested in the question: ‘Why does SFOS deny to deinstall?’ than in the (supposed) speed gain…