Q: How can I change behavior of Location in Upper Menu - Turn on GPS immediately after enabling Location?

Q: How can I force the GPS module to immediately switch on and start searching satellites on turning on Location in upper menu - and NOT waiting until a GPS request comes from some app like e.g. GPSInfo, Pure Maps or OSM Scout?

Can I edit some config file or some editable code to make the GPS power on/off exactly following the Upper Menu Location setting (on is on and off is off) and not wait for some running GPS user app?

I know that this was made for saving power but I would prefer to switch manually, so I could start GPS a little time before I really need it and give it time to position fix.

Many thanks for hints!


I second this. I use location for geotagging my photos, and with the actual behaviour the first pictures taken never get a geotag cause the phone first starts searching for a location when the camera app is opened - and the time up to that is several minutes (if ever as location indoors is still very bad aka nealry impossible).

If the actual behaviour is a feature and no bug there should be a toggle added to let the user decide between battery saving (as now) or accurate location.