Q: Closing the CLI by 'exit' command

On exit command (on the phone, not via SSH), the terminal doesn’t close but minimize to app grid and remains visible there.
Can I modify something in the config files, so that the CLI terminates completely after entering exit command?

Many thanks for any hint!


The terminal software is unaware why the shell quit. This is why it simply re-starts a shell to offer its services after maximising it again. Looking at the source, at first glance, Fingerterm seems to simply Qt.quit() on any signal from the terminal, so Lipstick doesn’t see it has been “properly” quit and keeps it in a sort-of undead state until maximised again.
Funnily, this is also the case with many other terminal emulators on many other mobile operating systems. I think this can be catched and handled better, but if it were as easy as I think, it would probably have been done already years ago.

Edit: actually, its much simpler. When the shell quits, it takes the terminal emulator down, too. Lipstick just sees the app has died, but it didn’t “unregister” from the app grid (by shutting down properly) and thus it shows up in that half-dead way in the app grid. On activation, Fingerterm just starts again from scratch.


Thank you @Maus for this explanation, now I can understand this strange behavior. I must confess, this is a big problem and not worth the effort to fix it for the low benefit it would bring for the user.

By the way, the shortcut to exit is CTRL-d :–)

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With CTRL-D the terminal also minimizes in the same way as with exit.
Thanks anyway!

Speculating now, but perhaps you might trigger script action from a shell logout script. But then you would need to switch a shell away from the busybox ash to a heavier one. Ash does not support one, I believe.

ToeTerm works as you do expect.


ToeTerm: Package not found on Storeman / X10 / 2023-07-20, 15:36 UT

edit: downloaded rpm manually from OpenRepos and installed, everything works as expected, and ToeTerm quits on ‘exit’ command.

@direc85 Thanks for this wondeful app!