Q: Can I change my username?

Q: Can I change my username into another one, and take everything with me to the new “identity”, what I have written in this forum and the many helpful answers I got until now? Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible. You should send an email to support. Your Jolla shop purchases can also be transferred to your new account.


I did submit my request and got a confirmation mail, there was another link. I clicked there, then came:

#number “please change username” successfully verified, and then a dialog “change your secret password”. I did nothing and closed the browser tab.

Is this OK this way? Will the request proceed or have I made a mistake?

Immediately after I made the request for a username change, I received the ‘request received’ confirmation email and a day later I received an email in which I have been informed that my username has been changed. Then I just logged in using my new username.

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Jolla team was so kind to change my username on my request!

My username/nickname in the SFOS forum is now Seven.of.nine. My old posts also appear with my new nickname now.

Thank you very very much Jolla Team! :heartbeat:

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