Q: Calendar - Modify 'Alarm time before event'

I want to modify the options for ‘Alarm before event’ times in Calendar. I never need Alarm 6 hours before, but I need an option for 3 hours before event.

Q: Where are the options for the ‘Alarm before event’ times defined?
How can I modify / tweak them, and add entries for other times and remove the never used ones?

edit: want to do this on Volla phone / SFOS

Take a look at Patchmanager’s web catalogue.
Patch name is “More calendar reminders 4.x

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Thank @eson , but unfortunately the patch doesn’t work on the Volla phone.

check if you have everything in the same lines as in patch. If not you will have to adapt this patch for Volla.

Maybe it’s as easy as “Allow incompatible patches” option in Patchmanager’s Settings? Don’t know what SF version you have on the Volla phone but compatibility for this patch is v. “”, “”, “”, “”, “”.

I want to patch the reminder times on a Volla phone / SFOS and now added this information to my initial question. Sorry for forgetting to mention this.

@eson Thanks for the link, I downloaded the patch and read the source text. So I know now what file will be changed by this patch and hope that i find it and succeed to edit by hand. I only want to change the (for me) senseless entry 6 h before to 3 h before, thats all. With all the rest I’m happy.

But patch doesn’t work on Volla / Shows as installed and activated in Patchmanager, but does nothing, not even after a full reboot of the phone. Description of patch says that it should work on, it’s the version 4.0.2 . So I assume that this info is only valid for 32 bit system.

Found a way to make it work on Volla:

In the patch file there is given the file name:

Opened folder using CLI as devel-su and made a backup copy.
Opened EventEditPage.qml with vi command. Scrolled down until I found this:

           //% "Remind me"
            label: qsTrId("calendar-add-remind_me")
            menu: ContextMenu {
                Repeater {
                    id: reminderValues
                    model: [-1 // ReminderNone
                           , 0 // ReminderTime
                           , 5 * 60 // Reminder5Min
                           , 15 * 60 // Reminder15Min
                           , 30 * 60 // Reminder30Min
                           , 60 * 60 // Reminder1Hour
                           , 2 * 60 * 60 // Reminder2Hour
                           , 3 * 60 * 60 // Reminder6Hour
                           , 12 * 60 * 60 // Reminder12Hour
                           , 24 * 60 * 60 // Reminder1Day
                           , 2 * 24 * 60 * 60 // Reminder2Day
                    delegate: ReminderMenuItem { seconds: modelData }

(sorry, can’t tell what line number because vi didn’t show the line numbers)

Changed the 6 in the line of the 6h reminder into 3, (ignored the comment Reminder&Hours, no change there) and saved, then rebooted the GUI by Sailfish Utilities.

In fact I can now create a calendar entry and get the option for Alarm 3 hours before including the right labelling. Will now set a test event and then report if alarm really sounds 3h before.

edit: Test succeeded.

Well, I use this patch on my Xperia 10 III (64 bit) and it works just fine, so it must be something else that is wrong with your system.

Sony 64 bit seems not to be the same as Volla 64 bit.
However, this edit (post # 7 ) did work and reminder sounded 3h before the ‘test’ calendar entry. (I tested right now)