Putting information on the phone lock screen

I’m wondering if it’s possible, from an app, to add / customize the informations shown in the lock screen. The example i have in mind is the media players, which shows the play / pause / next buttons. My understanding is that is done via the mpris media player, which is a system component, not directly by apps, so it’s not a good example, but I would like to add some buttons on the lock screen, in kinda the same way.

It will probably not be for harbour (it can understandably be forbidden until a proper authorization mechanism exists), but for openrepos.

Any ideas / pointers ?

What do you mean exactly? The original Media app shows buttons and song title on my lockscreen.

If you are looking for a start of coding your own app, you may have a look into the old patch from coderus: Patch Lockscreen mediaplayer controls

Yes, that’s the kind of pointer i was looking for. Thanks a lot !