Put Broadcast Messages and Service Messages into Messages

I would like to put Broadcast Messages and Service Messages into Messages.
e.g. tsunami warnings and account balance requests.
I would like to have a record of these I can see later, so saving them into Messages would be nice.

It would also be nice for the time the message is sent/received to be shown, some phones seem to do this.


I understand your request in relation to broadcast and service messages, but I’m not so sure I follow in relation to the message sent/received time. Do you mean that there should be two separate times displayed (one for sent, one for received)?

In the case of a broadcast alert, you would probably prefer to know when it was sent/issued.
Of course, the phone probably doesn’t know this, unless it is encoded in the message. The phone should know when it received the message.

The piss-poor delivery time/reliabilty of the cellular system has been fairly obvious here, with messages arriving hours after they were probably issued.