Program Emma doesnt work

I have a question about Emma. in the website, sailfish talks about downloading Emma if we want to go back to androidOS , but when downloading Emma, Sony doesnt allowed you to use it if you are not a professional??? so how we should do it then?

The site does not mention the word professional…

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3rd answer here -

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For completeness on the issue of flashing, I guess we should note that there are flash tools other than Emma which can be used, e.g. Xperifirm/Flashtool (could provide links but would prefer the more experienced to do this if demanded.)

For Sony Xperia XA2 and later, I think that you will find Androxyde Flashtool superceded by NewFlasher which is a lot simpler to utilise (provided you don’t mind losing your data as further intervention required to save it), although still requiring Xperifirm within Flashtool to obtain firmware images:


I don’t know if I would call it simpler. It depends on what you’re familiar with. Androxyde’s Flashtool provides many more options, and could seem more overwhelming in that way, but it’s also much more gui-ish, which is nicer in a way, plus, as you said, you need Xperifirm for Newflasher anyway, so I prefer Flashtool.
BTW - I say this as a long-time fan and follower of munjeni, going back to my first Z1 Compact on KitKat, (he’s the dev behind Newflasher), so I have no negativity towards it at all.

First ran into problems using Flashtool with Xperia 10 I3113 as there is only an .fsc for I4113 Dual Sim in devices database hence had to use NewFlasher; you may however know workaround for this. Unfortunately despite Xperia 10 camera working under both Android 10 & 9 under Sailfish OS there was just a “black screen” and re-installing jolla-camera to no avail.

True - the fsc issue can be a roadblock… I have seen reports that sometimes the flash script from one device works for another, but I’m sure it’s risky… My preference for Flashtool could be simply based on the fact that I haven’t used it for any newer phone than my XZ2C, and there are fsc files for it. Probably part of munjeni’s motivation in it.

@aspergerguy -

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Thanks for the link which I have tried previously although Sony PC Companion not valid for Xperia series. Whilst I could get the gist of logging process from Russian video, the .fsc that I generated from software re-installation wasn’t valid unfortunately.

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I had this issue once with Xperia X, and the reason was that I didn’t use the correct EMMA download. When I downloaded the one directly linked at in Sailfish installation instructions, there was no authentication requirement. I guess they are device model dependent.

Ini tricks did not help me with the wrong one either.

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For those who would be curious/stubborn enough to try: no, Emma does not work running on Wine for Linux - it starts, but then complains about being only compatible with Win 8.1 or later. Furthermore, Wine won’t run (as of this writing) in MacOS Catalina or later so that’s also a dead end.