Procedure for ugrading from a dated free version to newest paid-for version?

Is there any information around on what is the simplest procedure for upgrading a phone running on a free license v. to an already paid-for newest version?

Is the device an officially suppirted (Sony) model? Is it flashed with yhe official Sailfish X image? If so, it should require at most logout and login of your Jolla account on your phone, then checking for firmware upgrades.



(Yes, it’s a Xperia 10 II, with ordinary install. But I discovered now that the Jolla account registration had been distorted in some way and needed to re-establish the account registration before things started to flow in the direction of .0.25. Struven Ketju now on board.)

(EDIT: Thinking a little more clearly, I realize that SK has been onboard since installing … :roll_eyes: )