Problems with Tutanota

Tutanota mail is now added to the list of apps that don’t work anymore in Sailfish. My XA2 is in Torronsuo.
Aurora store does not work too. I can download and install Tutanota from FDroid or Aptoide. But I can’t get access to the app, it says ‘server not working’. I don’t face this problem on my old ipad and laptop.

It works for me. It’s how I got notice of your post. Something else is amiss.

So weird, I have two phones, one in Torronsuo, the other in Pallas-Y. On both Tutanota does not work, I can’t log in. I had to install it anew because I had brought my devices to factory setting. I tried to install it with Aptoide, Fdroid and Aurora store. That doesn’t make any difference. Perhaps I could try an older version with apkpure?
On my ipad and mac it works fine.

I am using an Xperia 10 with Pallas-Y, and Tutanota version 3.76.10. Being an Android app data connections are always iffy (except for Firefox for some reason ).

Hello Sethdove,

The latest update is 78. I don’t know what will happen when you do the update, but if I were you, I would not yet do it. I have written today to Tutanota, perhaps they will find a solution.
I tried installing with Aptoide, Aurora Store, FDroid and that horrible apkpure. No difference. Since it works on my ipad, it must be something of the new update that doesn’t match with Sailfish.

It works again! I contacted Tutanota. Don’t know if they did something, but installing the newest uodate 78 suddenly works.

And now, again, I can’t log in. Installing with Aurora doesn’t work. I can install it with FDroid, but then I can’t open the app. Restarting in emergency (settings) doesn’t help either. It is the same on both my XA2 and my XA2 plus, the first in Pallas-Y, the latter in the newest update. Why doesn’t it work?