Problems with installing Element from Aptoide store

I was trying to install Element (successor to Matrix client), but it’s not shown in Store (Aptoide one from Jolla Harbor), unless you search by “related” to Riot and then it’s shown there with a warning of mismatching signatures.

Here it looks OK:

Any suggestions what can be wrong?

Try this one - (armeabi v7a)

Unless you need googlified features (that are tricky to get running at SFOS), then you can also use the version from F-Droid

Although ver 1.10 was realeased 5 days ago, the current version at F-Doid is still 1.09.

As a main thing the F-Droid version does not have push notifications and thus updates status constantly from your Matrix server, so it takes higher toll from battery. And to avoid viewing “Listening for events” messages you have to manually disable it from Android settings.


So all these options are manual? Why is the stuff broken in the “Store”?

I think the Store offers latest version, which is arm64 on apkmirror…